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Alum Paul Gutierrez proud to hire Macomb students

Monday, 10月 23, 2023 12:00 AM

Alum Paul Gutierrez proud to hire Macomb students
Paul Gutierrez, Macomb Alum
The education Paul Gutierrez received from the former Radio, 电子, Television Services (RETS) School in Detroit is the type of skill-trade training he now looks for and finds in the students he hires from Macomb.

“I am proud of my blue-collar roots,” said Gutierrez, president of Industrial Control Repair (ICR) Services, a multinational industrial equipment maintenance and repair company headquartered in Warren. “I find the same strong work ethic with Macomb students. We share a similar background, and ICR has enjoyed good success with their students.”

Gutierrez has been president of ICR for more than 30 years and has hired countless Macomb students during that time, including the current 20 on the payroll. Some have followed Gutierrez’ example by continuing their education and using their practical work experience as a stepping-stone to positions of increasing responsibility.

A satisfied transfer student

A graduate of Lutheran East High School in Harper Woods, Gutierrez followed up his RETS education with jobs at Bell and Howell for 18 months and Square D for 10 years, both manufacturers of electronic products. 与此同时, he studied business at Macomb before transferring to Siena Heights University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in business.

“I needed the business acumen to be successful in what I wanted to do,” said Gutierrez. “Macomb accepted my credits from RETS and it was within my cost structure, so that’s where I started.”

但古铁雷斯, a graduate of Lutheran High School East in Harper Woods, noted that Macomb provided much more than an affordable alternative to a four-year university.

“I received an excellent education from Macomb,” said Gutierrez, who had no problem transferring his credits to Siena Heights. “I was happy with the education I received from Siena, but believe I received as good or better education from Macomb.”

Gutierrez is not the only one in his family with connections to the college. His wife took two years of classes at Macomb before transferring to Walsh and earning a bachelor’s degree in accounting.  Daughters Madeline, Lia and Angelina all transferred credits from Macomb to bachelor degree programs at Wayne State and Oakland universities, 和沃尔什.

A skilled-trade fan

Gutierrez is appreciative of the quality and affordability of the transfer education he and his family received from Macomb. But he’s a big fan of its work-based, manufacturing training.

“I love to see Macomb invest in trades education,” said Gutierrez. “It is the workers who get their hands dirty that make the world operate on a daily basis. We look forward to working closely with Macomb in the future.”